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Welcome to [Vijay Castor Pvt. Ltd], your dependable partner and a leading manufacturer of Rigid Caster Wheels situated in Rajkot, Gujarat. We take pride in supplying top-notch caster wheel solutions for a wide range of industries and applications, thanks to a tradition of expertise and a commitment to quality.

Rigid caster wheels are often attached to the front of industrial carts and dollies, providing stability and ensuring that the cart moves in a straight line. This is especially important when moving heavy loads within warehouses and factories. We understand that every project is unique. That's why we offer customization options for our Rigid Caster Wheels. From different wheel diameters and load capacities to specialized materials and configurations, we can tailor our caster wheels to match your precise needs, ensuring optimal performance in your specific application.

Rigid Caster Wheel - Rajkot, Gujarat

Our main office are in Rajkot, Gujarat, however we have a global presence. We are pleased to service customers not only in India but also all around the world. Regardless of where you are, our effective logistics and distribution network guarantees prompt delivery to your home. Discover for yourself the caster wheel industry's preferred option for quality and dependability.

Rigid caster wheels are found in a variety of material handling equipment, including platform trucks, hand trucks, and towline carts. They aid in the smooth and controlled movement of large things, increasing the efficiency of material handling operations.

Technical Specification Of Rigid Caster Wheel

(Per Wheel)
B301 50 X 25 SWL SBB WHITE 68 59 X 43 45 X 30 2 30 KG
B302 50 X 25 TH SBB WHITE 72 20 MM 3/8 TH 2 30 KG
B303 75 X 32 SWL SBB WHITE 95 74 X 62 55 X 38 2 70 KG
B304 100 X 32 SWL SBB WHITE 122 74 X 62 55 X 38 2 80 KG
B305 100 X 50 SWL DBB WHITE 130 95 X 95 70 X 70 3 100 KG
B306 100 X 50 FIX DBB WHITE 130 115 X 75 90 X 45 3 100 KG