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Chair casters wheel is one of most widely used component of furniture, used in almost all the applications, whether in Industries, in commercial places, domestic purposes or in hospitals, airports, and railway stations etc. They aid in rapid movement of the goods or person from one place to another.

We are the leading manufacturers of high quality caster wheels of a very wide array such as heavy duty caster wheel, medium duty caster wheel, light duty caster wheel, industrial caster wheel, caster wheel for hospital, institutional caster wheel and special range caster wheel etc of different materials, designs, load bearing capacity and colors. We being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with 2 decades of experience manufacture our products of high quality with such a design and manufacturing process that they offer remarkable features such as excellent ability to bear load, high Impact & abrasion resistance, effortless & smooth movement in all directions as well as  unproblematic adjustability. They are also apt for rough and harsh handling. They do not make noise at all and are floor saving. Hence, we are not just the leading Caster Wheel Supplier of India but also very eminent Chair Caster Manufacturer of India.

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Chair Casters Manufacturer
Chair Casters Exporter, India

We are one of the most renowned Caster Wheel Exporter of India. Our wide variety of products such as Heavy Duty Caster Wheel, Medium Duty Caster Wheel, Light Duty Caster Wheel, Industrial Caster Wheel, Caster Wheel for Hospital, Institutional Caster Wheel and Special Range Caster Wheel etc are demanded by several nations across the world such as Nigeria, South Africa, North Korea, Germany, United States and Brazil etc.

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Chair Casters Exporter
Chair Casters Manufacturer
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